Flirt Designs - Yes she does!
I have been making jewellery as a hobby for about 5 years and even though I know how to “make it” - I don’t know how Laurie-Anne “does it”! I’m so impressed with her designs – such wonderful and unexpected combinations of glass, stones and silver. Her work has raised the bar on where I want to be as a designer – she’s truly an artist! She is the only jewellery designer that I buy from. Honestly – I don’t buy jewellery when I can make it. But I buy Laurie-Anne’s work because it is so unique.

Sue Henry
Mississauga, Ontario
"Laurie-Anne's" Flirt" line of jewellery must be seen to be truly appreciated. She combines a unique design approach, using the most beautiful and rare materials, with an incredible intuition for matching the absolutely correct piece to each client. Many, many of my women friends and associates both here and in the southern United States have been delighted to acquire her very special pieces which truly reflect their own unique spirits. An abundance of compliments and referrals have brought Laurie Anne's endeavour to the peak of achievement you will recognize in her work today. Each and every piece is a unique work of art and of love."

Lois Hutt M.D (and extremely impressed client)
Toronto, Canada and Naples, Florida

"I was totally taken in by her [Laurie-Anne's] passion for each jewellery creation and how she was able to come to know the person purchasing a particular piece. I purchased a lovely pearl necklace and Laurie-Anne made me earrings to match and sent them to me within a few weeks. Laurie-Anne's designs are the most unique pieces of jewellery I have ever purchased. The Flirt team members are like old friends once you meet them... totally unpretentious and dedicated to their passion. Laurie-Anne also goes above and beyond to create a piece to match what you have. This woman "lives her passion" and her jewellery emanates that passion and warmth each time I wear a piece."

Cheryl Finnegan, Peterborough

"Timeless, classic jewellery for the modern woman who knows the essence of her spirit... Laurie-Anne has a gift that enables her to combine the elements of earth and ocean to create truly one-of -a-kind pieces."

Christel Helwig, Toronto