Kate is coming.


A big hello to all of my Canadian students! I have just finished the photo shoot this past week for my new book coming in 2016.
Now that I am done, I am starting to pack my bags for my first ever international teaching gig at the Fall Flirt Fling in Toronto.
I am bringing a bunch of cool stuff, including great door prizes to give away in each of my classes.
Looking forward to meeting you all soon!


Who Won? Who Won?


Here is your winner!

Marija Batraks, 
give us a call this week to choose the 3 hour class with
Kate Richbourg you wish to take!



So much is happenings!


We are entering the last week of the Win a Class with Kate contest. You still have a week to qualify for the final draw on November 2nd. Comment on the Flirt blog, the Flirt with Metal blog, or Facebook for a chance to qualify.  Post each day to all three to increase your chances!
Kate Richbourg International Jewellery Educator is coming to Toronto in just over 3 weeks! We are excited to have her first experience in Canada be at the 
Fall Flirt Fling.
Check out a link to her blog @ KateRichbourg.com
Dont forget to sign up for the workshops. You won't want to miss them!
Call Beth at 416-990-5418.
email theclintons@rogers.com 



Flirt @ CreativFest

6 weeks from today the lovely and very talented Kate Richbourg will be joining us for the Flirt Fall Fling! Check out the first day of classes! Register now as classes are filling up! 
Stop and see us at CreativeFest this weekend. You can find us at booth # 1516
Table 18.
If you sign up for a workshop @ The Creativfest you will get a free gift from Flirt!
Go to www.flirtdesigns.ca for more details on the rest of the weekend of workshops including costs.
Add a comment here on Facebook or under my blog on the website and you will be entered into this weeks qualifying draw to win a 3 hour class with Kate Ferrant Richbourg


Apophyllite Pyramid


We attended the Scarborough Gem and Mineral Show on the weekend. I've always had a love of rocks from the time I was a little one skimming them across the bay in my Grandparents back yard in NFLD. 

The show did not disappoint. So much to examine! I purchased this crystal known as an Apophyllite Pyramid from India. Love the blues and greens! Apophyllite's can help to increase intuition and insight about current situations.


It also promotes structure and organization in daily life. How about this the crystal can regulate bodily function and improve memory. They are great for filling a room with high vibrations of peace and love!!!!

I will place my crystal in my studio on my desk and see what happens!

Let me know what your favorite rock, stone crystal is. Post a photo, make a comment and you will be entered to win a class with the lovely Kate Richbourg.
www.flirtdesigns.ca/blog for details.


"The Choker Hold"

Flirt's previous post referred to Bijoux, Bijoux, Fall 2015: Jewellery Report. 
Designers today command control of the reins and direction they choose to take with their designs.
We don't have to fall in to the category of a Stringer, Metalsmith, Glass blower, Wire Worker, Seedbeeder etc.
In fact we are encouraged to explore the many designs, shapes and materials available. 
Here's what stood out for me in the Bijoux article;

"The Choker Hold"
The chokers hitting the catwalks eschewed any association with delicacy.
These necklaces are linear and strong, statement makers of the paired down variety. 

Pictured: Altuzarra.

Here's a Flirt designed necklace called Horsebit.

Bold, pure, unassuming.
Composed of Ebony wood and stainless steel chain with a Gucci inspired clasp.


Return of the Pearl


Return of the Pearl by Flirt.
Large freshwater pearls & black square hand made borosilicate beads.
This week post your pictures of your pearl jewellery. You wi
ll be entered in to the contest to win a 3 hour class with Kate Richbourg. Details@ www.flirtdesigns.ca/blog. No pics? Simply make a comment on the blog and you will be entered. You could be a winner!!!


Win a 3 Hour Class with Kate Richbourg


Flirt is bringing Kate Richbourg National Author/Educator/Artist www.katerichbourg.com/
to Toronto for the Fall Flirt Fling 2015. 
November 20, 21, & 22, 2015.

Starting September 1st, we are running a new contest to win a 3 hour class with Kate.
The contest will run until November 2nd. 

Each week Laurie-Anne will post to FaceBook, her blog on the Flirt website (www.flirtdesigns.ca/blog), and Flirt with Metal, (www.thebeaverweaver.blogspot.ca).
The posts will be about Jewellery, Metal & GemStones.
Post a comment on the blogs, or a photo on FaceBook related to her post to be
entered in the weekly qualifying draw.

A qualifier will be announced weekly.
The grand prize Winner will be announced on November 2nd!!!

This will be Kate's first appearance in Canada.
You won't want to miss out so register now!

Class information and registration are on www.flirtdesings.ca


September 7, Sue Henry
September 14, Cheryl Finnagan  
September 21, Ruth LeBlanc
September 28, Marija Batraks 
October 5, Marija Batraks
October 12, Lyndsey McCollom
October 19, Marija Batraks 
October 26, Lyndsey McCollom 
November 2, Leanne Stamper 


Win a Class with Kate Winner


We are pleased to announce the winner! 
Sue Henry has won a 3 hour class of her choice with
Kate Richbourge
at the Fall Flirt Fling  
November 20 - 22, 2015.


Sardonyx & Sterling Silver

Sardonyx & Sterling Silver

Sardonyx & Sterling Silver
 Check out the website to learn about our upcoming Fall Fling with Kate Richbourg National Jewellery Educator/Artist.
This is a necklace by Flirt using Sardonyx and sterling silver. I am fond of the classic simplicity of black & white sterling jewellery.





Sardonyx is an onyx that is characterized by parallel lines of sard and different colored minerals. It is a distinct and dramatically banded variety of chalcedony composed of quartz layers. Typically found in black, brown and white layers. Metaphysically, Sardonyx is believed to improve memory and increase one's analytical talents. Mined all over the globe. The best stone is said to come from India.


The Last qualifier in the current contest

The last person to qualify in the current Win a Class with Kate draw is......
Sue Henry.

Don't feel bad if you didn't qualify for this draw, a new contest starts tomorrow.
Stop by later to find out who won the class and the rules for the next contest.  



  • Aquamarine & Fresh Water Pearls

    This fine necklace and earring set was custom made for a destination wedding gown shop in Yorkville. It was one of a Collection of 12 designed for LaFave Haute Couture/Yorkville/Toronto. 2006.




Laurie-Anne Clinton's photo.

As a Health Care Practitioner as well as Jewellery Designer of Flirt, I am drawn not only to the beauty of stones, the physical attributes but also to the meta-physical properties.

Truth or not, stones have been used throughout the ages for their healing, spiritual and many other powers.

Aquamarine from GemSelectAquamarine is best known for its breathtaking range of blue colors and belongs to the same family as emerald (beryl). Aquamarine is colored by trace amounts of iron.

Aquamarine - Courage, Peace, Communication


All About Stones


There are so many things to think about when you're making jewellery. Google is a girl's best friend for resources!
There are a host of designers out there that write about tools and techniques, classes and so much more!

So for the next while I'm going to write about stones, thier beauty, thier imperfections, their colours, uses and where they come from.

Please keep telling me what your favourite stone is and I'll write and maybe share a photo or two of a piece I've made with that stone.

Send me a photo of one of your pieces of jewellery using the stone and your name and photo will be entered in to a draw.

At the end of the October you could be a winner of a 3 hour class with Kate Richbourg hosted by Flirt and held on November 20, 21 and 22 /2015.

To learn more about her classes see- Upcoming Flirt Fling at www.flirtdesigns.ca



Contest Qualifier


Hi there. 

So, for the third week in a row Marija qualified again last week.

Folks better get posting if they want to have a shot at beating her for the grand prize.

This week's winner in a newbie. 

Let's hear it for.....





increased her odds of being this week's qualifer in the Class with Kate draw, and it worked! Congrats!


Winner Gagnant!

Congrats to
Sue Henry!
This week's qualifier in the contest to win a Class with Kate.
Leave a comment on our Blog before noon Monday to be entered in next week's draw.
Comment often to increase your odds!


Another qualifier


This week's qualifier for the Class with Kate draw is Marija Batraks Congrats Marija!

Each week there is a draw to qualify for the Grand Prize draw of a 3 hour class with Kate Ferrant Richbourg at the Flirt Fling in November.

Follow our blogs, Make an appropriate comment, and your name will be entered in that week's draw.


We have a winner


Congratulations to 

Val Doyle!

This week's qualifier in the Class with Kate draw. 

Posts here and on www.Beaver weaver.blogspot.ca  before noon on June 8 will be entered in next week's draw.





Yesterday was our last Steering Committee meeting.

 Our term finishes the end of June, and there is a meeting on the 24th, but it’s a hand over dinner meeting.

We have nothing to hand over as it’s all been sent to the President already.

I learned a lot working on the SC, and I thank the members of TBS and the SC for giving me the opportunity to serve.



A Shout Out from CMAT

Special thanks to everyone who is helping to raise funds for CMAT's Nepal response, including small business owners like Beth and Laurie Anne Clinton, who donated proceeds of this month's Flirt Jewellery sales to CMAT!


Win! Win! Win!


Starting June 1 we will be having weekly qualifying draws for the Fall Flirt Fling Grand Prize Draw.

The prize is a FREE 3 hour class with Kate Ferrant Richbourg during the Fling (November 20-22/15) in Toronto.

 Follow either or both of our blogs.

 For each relevant comment you make your name will be entered in the weekly draw.

 Follow both, comment often to increase your chances!


Fall Fling 2015


We have a day and instructor for the Fall Flirt Fling!
November 20, 21, & 22, 2015
Kate Richbourg!!
I'm so excited! She will be doing solder and metalwork workshops
.As more information becomes available it will be posted on our blogs and website.




This is "scrap" copper.

This is a gold mine.
Goes to show that
 one person's trash
 is another's treasure!



Flirt Fall Fling 2015



News Flash!!

WE are planning our Fall Fling. Will this woman be our next instructor? We hope so. Stay tuned.




The Canadian Medical Assistance Teams is a grass root organization who help out in natural disasters . The members who go to these areas pay for their own transportation. CMAT needs to raise funds to purchase and transport supplies. I personally know this group, as I help them during the Jamestown fire a few years ago. My friend Val is the CEO.

                               We at Flirt have jewellery and metal and supplies, but not much discretionary cash. Flirt has decided that during the month of May a percentage of sales will go to CMAT to help them help the people of Nepal.





My ICE Resin Cuff

class at the Toronto Bead Society's BEad FABULIOUS has only one seat left.

Register soon at www.torontobeadsociety.org or you will miss your chance!



Classes! Classes! Classes!



Starting in September 2015 Flirt will be offering classes on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

If you are interested in taking classes, or teaching, please contact us.

We will be posting class information each month, so stay tuned!

The Flirt Team.


The Barnes Collection

Phantom Quartz and Gold Filled Findings                                                   The clarity and inclusions of the Phantom Quartz and the gold fill chain and findings resulted in quite a spectacular piece! I just new when I was done that this was one of my favourite pieces.


Vintage Silver Balls

Silver Plated Balls & Chain


Santa is Coming



Grand River Bead Society Teaching Night

















Flirt@Toni Plus Spring 2013

Flirt@Toni Plus


Spring Collection/Flirt @Toni Plus

Flirt/Toni Plus
Spring collection of Flirt Designs @ Toni Plus/2013


The Flirt Team

The flirt Team


Unicorne Beads/ Borosilicate Glass




I took a photography/blogging workshop with Andrew Thornton and Kate McKinnon in February. One of the things that came out of the workshop is that Andrew has given us a weekly word challenge to blog on. Well my friend and jewellery artist the CreativeKat has been quite diligent about Andrew's word assignment. I on the other hand have not blogged for over a month. So I thought I would take up the challenge and start with his word remember. 

I am remembering the Beaches outdoor show. Sue and Adela, Beth and I were all there. We played nice, the weather co-operated. Adela taught people how to make pretty earrings. It truly is a lovely show. New and old friends stop by. Puppies and kids. My 2 nieces came by we had dinner together. My sister and her son visited.

Here are a few shots~

Sue, Beth and Adela
Adela, Sue, LA, Beth 


Packed and ready to go to the Beach!

and so is the man of the house! He is prepared for rain, sun, hail who knows what our Canadian weather will bring this weekend. Sqiurt has a lid and we will be under a big tent so come come and join us! Much more fun with company!Lid Boy!


Summer Earrings!


Yep, a couple of nights ago I powered up and made a bunch of pretty shiny colourful earrings for my outdoor show this weekend.
I worked my fingers to the bone. I hope people venture out. We traditionally get rain this weekend and yes once again it's in the forecast. Most people don't mind a bit of rain. People are generally out with thier walking dogs and children. It is a very friendly neighborhood and I love the beach and being down the water. Best pace to be!

Here's the scoop on how to get there- 

Beaches Arts & Craft Show

Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th
10 am until 6 pm
The show is held in Kew Gardens in the Beaches
The Park is located at Queen Street East and Lee Avenue
Admission is Free!
The 501 Street car running along Queen Street East takes you directly there. Get off at Lee Avenue.
Our booth is 34. Right off the pathway running south from the library. We are very close to the street.
There are a lot of great Canadian artisans there. 
Hope to see you!





We escaped away this weekend to our little oasis in the north. Not far out of the city but just far enough that the sights, sounds and smells are all different. Even the food tastes different. Of course cooking on the barbecue is wonderful but cooking with gas is also more magical than electric. We had our first overnighter and woke up Sunday morning to find our neighbor toiling away in our garden. She had completed all of her gardens and needed more work to do! Apparently having 5 kids to look after was not enough! I was able to scrounge through my shed and find toys for the kids to play with. We picked up deck stain. The decks will be re stained a beautiful Ebony colour.That will be next weekends project. The bird feeders were hung and the trees trimmed and chairs and rockers placed. I went to sleep like a princess and woke up with the birds singing in my ears. I did not want to come home. There is work to be done here. Lots of jewellery to be made and a show to prepare for this weekend. So I better get to it!


The Beahes Arts & Craft Festival


Wonderful new creations are in the works for next weekends show. Come rain or shine we will be at Kew Gardens by the beach selling our wares. I'm excited about these new resin pieces. They are a lot of fun to make and the response to them has been very favorable.


New Resin Work


Cindy Goldrick taught a resin class at our Flirt Fling Spring workshop. It was hugely successful and I got the bug. I like the simplicity and clarity of the resin. You can put anything in it. In this case I put black sparkles, poured the resin and it dried like a charm. I'm thinking hot pink, maybe a big bracelet is my next item of business. Fun summer jewellery. Let me know what you think.


Toronto Bead Society Techniques Night


This is Shameen D'Souza. I love how she chose the colours for her Art Deco Resin bracelet. They were directly inspired by the wonderful colours in her blouse. That's my kind of designing. Make the jewellery to go with the outfit.
I had strongly believed that everyone would finish the bracelet in class. Unfortunately that didn't happen. The AGM cut into our class time. I know how disappointing it can be to not take home your finished piece. At least my students got the technique and that is how doors are busted wide open and is the beginning of many endless possibilities. 


Sensory Overload


I have been reading up on Fibromyalgia and why I am so brain dead half the time. Apparently it is called Sensory Overload. A lot of trouble with noise, smell, light. Although it was a nice sunny day, the light drove me crazy. When it is dark, I feel like I have a mask over my head. I have the classic symptoms. I have learned to work within my limitations. Sometimes going to bed is exactly the cure I need.

This picture was taken in Tucson at the African Village. You wanna talk about amazing sights, sounds, and smells. I was whisked away to another part of the world I could only dream of going to. I don't think I could actually make it in Africa without the comforts of home. I'm actually not that excited about travelling these days. There's so much crazy shit going on. Wasn't it last year that Canadians were killed at a hotel in Mexico built on a swamp where gas had a build up in the lines and exploded. I used to want to travel all the time. Now staying close to home and safe is perfectly OK with me. That might change again, who knows.  The part about travel I love is amazing photographic moments and memories, like this one!                                                                   




I am playing around with making collages. This is a trial version I found on the Internet called shape collage. You have to buy the full version to get the watermark off. I later found that you can throw all your photos on to Picaso and it makes a wonderful collage. I made a super sweet collage of the babies in the family. I love the things you can do creatively with computers. I just find the challenge of getting there technically a bit dreadful. The thrill of working through the challenge is worth it!


A beautiful day


Yes it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining, the windows are open, the birds are chirping. I love the fact that I hear the birds chirp in the middle of downtown TO. It is music to my ears. The furs are pretty mesmerized by the sounds as well. I'm sure they wish they could see them and play with them. I love that I only have to travel a few blocks and I am in the middle of charming Riverdale Farms. It is a lovely place to be in the woods, to walk quietly with nature, to think and just be. My early years were spent in NFLD with my grand parents. They had a big white horse named Sandy. I remember being taken across the frozen water in the winter on sled with a horse into the woods to fetch wood for the old wood burning stove. Today the smell of wood calms my senses. Horses and wood piles are grounding and remind me of my roots and my grandfather Mercer.


Cannon G12 Workshop


So being the budding photographer that I am and given that I have two new state of the art cameras, I thought it best that I took a course or two. I was a little intimidated at first because I am visusally very gifted but technically quite challenged. I believe that once I figure out the damn bells and whistles of the machine I will be off to the races.
I was pleased with the progress I made and will be back for part 2 of the workshop.

Above are my class mates. I didn't tale a picture of the guy in the back with all the annoying questions.
I tried to shoot a couple of differently angled shots of two of my newest Unicorne bead necklaces. At some point I will be posting a ton of new pictures in the gallery. I think that's a summer project. 



A tribute to the mothers of the Universe


I have had the joy and pleasure of mothering more than a dozen fury wonderful creatures in my lifetime. After years and years of unsuccessful attempts at trying to have a child, multiple expensive fertility treatments, lost time, money and my health, I am satisfied with my lot in life today. I have not had the burden of raising children which I know can be difficult. I did not end up with multiple births, LA & Beth plus 8 along with potential birth defects and disabilities. Sure I haven't had the joy that children bring to one's life but I am a natural mother and have mothered many children over the years. Today I have many blessings, Nya, Kaden, Simon. Thank you Angie, Sean, Cara and Vladimir, great parenting! Eric & Leslie  and Ashley I'm waiting.

Thank you to my mother Jean Dianne Murphy nee McCullough for being alive and in my life today.

Here's a shot of my youngest rug rat Squirt, always up to something.

This is Serena's litter mate Sara.

The twins, Bella & Bandit. There they are all 5 of my children. I thank god for them and their other mother Beth.

Happy MD!


Our Littlest One

My sweet grand nephew Kaden. He is the gentlest little baby boy you could ever know. What a thrill to hold him in my arms, to watch Beth interact with him. To anticipate and wonder what it will be like as we watch him grow. He has a fine mommy and daddy, lucky little fella.


It's a holy rain and I don't know what kind of a thing falling from the sky day


and it's April 17th! They've turned the heat off and air on it's freezing cold. I mean we were all out in our down filed coats and winter woolly hats, those of us who dared. I'm trying to remind myself that this too shall pass and it really will be warm again but it's trickery on a body racked with fibromyalgia and arthritis very much affected by the weather. The warmth and the sun are like heaven on earth. I did go to my first Yoga class this last week. I've been before but not for awhile so it was great to be back again. It is a restorative special practices class. Very healing and gentle. Thank God, I would croak doing downward dog or a sun salutation. In time maybe. Anyway when I am feeling like winter will never end I have to go back to my Tucson shots. This was taken at the old Rodeway show. A neat image of a big crystallized rock.


My boy


I just had to post another picture of my loved one. Somedays it's hard to work he wants to be so close to me!


The sun


is peaking through the fog and I am thinking there is hope for warmer weather and blooming flowers, dirt and gardens, fresh fruit and veges.

 Tomorrow I am off to the salt water pool to float with my friend G, heaven! 


Crazy ass beads

I'm thinking of the good time we had in Tucson. My friend Kathi Jablonski played around with us. She just came back from Nepal and I am sure will have many adventurous stories to tell. Here are some of the shots from our travels together!
Tucson 2011JablonskiKathi JablonskiLA 


Fling Shots

Flirt Fling Spring 2011
Adela joined the resin class class and made a beautiful pendant and earrings. She is such a talented designer.
It was a pleasure to have her here with us at our first Flirt Fling weekend. 


You missed it!

Cindy Goldrick & Francine Sarault
What a blast! Sorry you missed it. Will definitely have to do this class again. Francine and I had a blast. Adela sat in for the class. We all made quite neat and original pieces and were very pleased with our results. The resin is drying and we are seriously dying to wear our new pieces. I think this resin is going to take off like crazy.

Our first Fling day is completed. We all enjoyed our day. Our friend Willie from Halifax will be with us tomorrow.
Oh dear, I'm tired. time for bed. 


Flirt Fling-almost here!

Grand River Bead Society Meeting
We took our samples to the Grand River Bead Society meeting this week and hope to get a few of the members out to our workshop this weekend. 

I managed to get my first swim of the season in yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the exercise. Although when you suffer with chronic pain as I do, you do even a bit too much and pay for it the next day.  The joy of being in the water was worth it!



Laurie-Anne & Kaden
Here's a shot of the newest bundle of joy in our family, Kaden. Taken on his sister Nya's second year birthday. He is an amazing gentle spirited little boy. Can't wait to watch this little fella grow up!


Promise of Spring

Olympus Pen art filter
Went for a walk finally and at last today. Although it is still freezy cold there are a few buds and the water is thawing in the creeks.
With a little help from my new Olympus and the art filters, a grey bleak bit of scenery explodes with colour. What fun is this! 


My Mother's Birthday!

Dianne Murphy
I am grateful to my mother for who she is and who I have become as a result of her giving birth to me.
Happy birthday mom! I love you. I hope to have you here for many more years to come. We have a lot of living and sharing of precious moments and watching grand children grow. Mom is sporting a Flirt necklace here. She has managed to score quite a few over the years.




Woke up to a winter wonderland!

Cara, Vladimir, Laurie-Anne
It was my sister's birthday last week. I managed to find the time to go bowling with Cara and her husband Vladimir. It's been awhile. I manage to hit a few pins, not throw myself down the lane and even get 2 strikes! 



LeFave Yorkville Collection
It is a dull rainy day here in the big smoke. This bright and translucent piece gave me a sense of optimism that the sun will shine again and the warm sweet spring air will arrive!


We are grateful...

and yes Squirt is alive and well. He was seen climbing the walls today. I wonder who taught him to do that? He was caught in a moment of bliss basking in the sun and tucked in under warm laundry. He siblings have accommodated to the fact that he is back home to stay and he know longer curls up in my arms to sleep at night now that he is not under sedation. He is too busy being the boss of the house. He is also affectionately know as Hugo the Boss.
Francine he is awaiting your arrival to tiptoe around you during the night while you are sleeping!


Concocting Flirt Spring Fling Classes

Serious scheming is going on for the Flirt Fling Wire Workout Weekend and the boys are being very very helpful, NOT.


A favorite spot

Squirt has a number of FAV spots but he loves to preside in the kitchen on top of the fridge overseeing the activity. I am happy to say his siblings seem to have adjusted to the fact that he has returned and that he is assuming his rank in the family. His obtunded state has lifted. Interesting that my deadened self became alive and well instantly as his did and I didn't even take any of his Valium.


Squirty is improving!

The KidsMy heart is lighter! He is making his squeaky noises, eating treats, drinking water from the toilet. Usual kitty behaviour. When he starts kicking his brother in the head, I'll be happy.Here he is with sister Serena before he got sick.


Hunkering down for another old storm

It occurs to me every year at some point in February that I forget how really nasty it is. I think the mind gently forgets. Going away for almost 2 weeks to Tucson didn't help a lot because we hit a deep freeze there too.
My body just doesn't take the cold and damp very well. Here are a couple of images taken at Kate's desert home.


My heart has broken

My boy has been very sick. Thank you to all those who wrote to me. I have taken loads of pictures of him but I realize he looks very looped and I havn;t wanted to post those pictures. He had surgery last Thursday for a complete obstruction of his urinary tract. We got him home a few days later. He is on valium to help with his bladder spasms. The wee thing keeps falling down and off of things. I have slept with him in my arms every night. In fact I have him him in my arms most all day long. I need a baby snuggly to keep him in. I am constantly worried about him. I put him in a basket on my desk when I am working. His siblings are not being polit. They did not welcome him home. He is not the alpha male cat at the moment and they are taking advantage of his weakness. I saw him once kick his brother in the head and I was happy for that. We took him to the hospital for follow up today. I feel every bit of his pain. You know you are blessed when you have the most amazing cat!


I heard the birds today

and I feel mildly optimistic that I will see them again. You can hear them and wonder where they are hiding out.
I am noting how sensitive I am to light and cold and know why I love the desert so much. I need to make sure I have more time in a warmer climate. A heavy dose of Vitamin D just won't cut it. Jablonski, (Kathi) came over to visit last week to retrieve the treasures we brought home from Tucson for her. She brought us gorgeous tulips. My maternal grandmother had a beautiful garden. She always gave me a tulip or a rose as I left from visiting her.
Birds of Paradise


Sad day

We came home to find happy contented kittens. Suddenly on Thursday Squirt was not having a good time. He did not move from his litter box and he simply was not the same boy. We took him to the animal hospital and they did emergency surgery within an hour. His little wee wee was completely blocked with stones. It was a shock. 
They were very good to him and very responsive to us. They let us see him a few hours after surgery . I literally crawled in the cage with him. He pulled his catheter out on the second day. Enough of that and is peeing on his own. Good for us because the sturdy little boy is coming home today. What a relief. There is a big empty hole here without him.         


Flirt Spring Fling!

The planning is underway for our 2 day collaborative workshop with 4 designers. The dates have changed and we are officially booked for the first weekend in April (2-3). You won't want to miss it! We will have another planning meeting this Friday and hash out who's teaching what.

We had a meeting with our guest European designer tonight. Her designs are spirited and full of creative expression.
Squirt decided to assume the position and go for a free ride. Good thing she adores cats!


My last day in the desert

Laurie-Anne & BethWide Open Blue SkiesDesert TreesRocksCactusWaterClinton
What a day. It was a great way to convene with the Gods of Nature. I have no desire to walk in the snow. It's city snow. Not fresh clean country snow. I do know I need daily exercise. I will try to throw myself in the pool tomorrow. Although, my young nephew is sick with a fever and may need auntie care. We are glad to be home and slowly unpacking, finding our treasures, snuggling with the furs and making plans.


Dynamic Duo

Andrew Thornton & Kate McKinnon
Check out Andrew and Kate our ever so sweet and innovative leaders. They are busily planning future Capturing the Moment Workshops in Ashville, North Carolina, New York, and Paris. I only hope that I will be fortunate enough to attend and continue to expand my blogging expertise with this dynamic duo. Check out Kate and Andrew's blog.



Sabino Canyon

Sabino CanyonI   As As much as I love the desert, I am drawn to water. My heritage is and upbringing was along the shores of Newfoundland. I played in many a fishing villages and went warfing with my cousins. Rocks and water are incredibly meditative for me. I will probably enlarge one of my rock shots and use it to stare at during my morning meditation.

OK, off to the market to get fresh organic food, clean up the house, make a fancy new necklace for the Gala event I am attending tomorrow night.
Beth will be home from her drive back from Tucson. Don't know how she does it. Me a day flying kills me. Her, 6 days on the road and she's in her glory. Different cats. 


Transitioning Home

Victorian Mining Town, Bisbee
It is never easy for me to settle in to the city. My body, mind and spirit love the desert as though I belonged. 
Yet my roots and connections, family, amazing friends, old and new are here in Toronto where I have spent all of my life. I am so grateful for the amazing people in my world. I can't wait to see my babies, Nya, Simon and little Kaden, I brought them home books about desert animals. I felt a great kinship with the McKinnon/Thornton team. I feel we will reunite and meet up with team two. I will never look at photography in the same way. The workshop was just a beginning for me. Thank you Kate for kicking my butt to get blogging! I have so many photos I am so excited about it's almost like I hang on to them like fine china. Andrew, I hope I can remember how to do that fantastic collage you painstakingly taught me. Ladies from team two, thanks for sharing your lives with us. I will continue to read your blogs and I promise to keep posting!



ColourOne of our assignments was given to us by Andrew Thornton. We were encouraged to explore colour as we went about in our travels that day. This is a shot of an old vase at the Copper County Antique joint. I also photographed an interesting array of colour images from Tohono Chul. Natural bits of colour from the desert. It's amazing what one sees when their eyes are open. I purchased a beautiful old Navajo turquoise ring for myself.

It looks bright and sunny and warmer and we are heading to the desert today. I however woke up missing the mounds of beads! I just might have to go back for one last fix. 


I succumbed to the desert

I sucuumbed to the desert
Indeed, I have succumbed to the desert and always will. I don't believe I will stay away as long this time. It has been 2 years. I will put it out to the universe to come back next year. The gem shows are amazing. If you ever have a chance to come be prepared, you will be amazed and do save up for it. Tonight I will pack my treasures and tomorrow I will head out to Sabina Canyon for a little bit of desert oasis in the Coronado National Forest.
Flower Cacti


Speaking of dead

My knees are shot. My feet are rotten. My back is broke. 

I went to my favourite Vintage German Lucite shop today. I was so excited to be back. It was like heaven. I also scored some beautiful German matte silver chain which I intend to make a piece for publication. I got some neat silver findings to bring home to my Canadian friends and some really cool cane glass, Thank God for my $10 Cashmere scarf. It is wickedly cold out. No snow though so I'm not really complaining. I saw Kate and Andrew first thing this morning at the Best Bead. Hard to believe our workshop is over. We learned so much from each other that we will take with us as we go home to our real lives. Or maybe this is my real life. What a thought.

We had dinner with Deb & Dave from Beads of Colour in Dundas, Ontario. www.beadsofcolour.com. Fabulous store. Innovative classes. I know Deb has many great treasures that she is bringing back to the store.

Now it's time to smooze with the John Bead crowd. 


My Boys

Bandit & Squirt
Had to have a look at my boys all snuggled together loving each other. Thankfully their Nanny Amy is taking good care of them at home. They are probably watching the big snowflakes fall from the city sky today. Or sleeping which is what they usually do!




We arrived at a little trading post just outside of of Tombstone. Sat for a photo-op and Beth yells out there's a body in the hearst! Scared the pants off of Jablonski. Just the beginning of our adventures.

UP 5000 ft in the quirky town of Bisbee it was freezing cold and snowing! I can relate to my Canadian friends who are having a snow day today. Stay warm and hunker down. It's -3 here so I'm suffering with ya! 



Yes, we are in Tombestone! Just had a sneak previev of the the OK coral. Cowboy country. We are headed off to Bisbee a lovely little artist community where will meet up with another Canadian friend for lunch. This is God's land actually. Can you imagine pioneers tredging across such unforgiving terrain.



Big Ass Beads


Wow, I experienced amazing serious beads in my travels today!

Can you imagine these hanging around your neck? 



Shadow Assignment
Yesterday we were given the assignment to explore our concept of "shadows".
Gloomy and mesmerizing. The African village was fascinating. I scored huge strands of raw amber. Glorious African wedding beads and hand carved Hippo Serpentine soap dishes. A few hand woven baskets from west Africa were too hard to exist.

This Is the grand finally day. Cannot wait for the adventures that lie ahead! 


Tohono Chul Park

Tohono Chula Park


Tohono Chul Park


Just a sneak preview of my colour assignment.
Gorgeous colours. Gorgeous day in the desert. Who could want anymore? 


Earth Energy

It has been a full and fabulous day two in the desert/KateMcKinnon & Andrew Thornton Blogging/Photography/Exploration /Experiencing the Moment Workshop.

At 0900 we met at the Atomic Ranch, coffee in hand, Advil on board, man my knee was sore after all the walk walk walking we did yesterday! Our assignment today was to write a word on a piece of paper and pass it to the person to the right.
The word I was given was energy. Here's the image. 
Rooted, from the earth, where it all began. Where it all ends. 
Roots/Tohono Chul Park 



Beth Clinton

It was a jam packed first day in Tucson. We treasure hunted. I found a gorgeous turquoise ring at an antique shop.
Lunch was prepared by Kate & Andrew and enjoyed at the Atomic Ranch while I slouched around by the pool. 
Plenty of exploring and photographing in the afternoon. I have to say as I looked through my pictures, this is my favorite. Wanted. Yes, indeed she is. You have the greatest smile Mrs. Clinton! 




Our last trip to Tucson

Grand Canyon
We had a slow leisurely drive home. I finally got to see the Grand Canyon. What a miracle. Even more spectacular was the Moab desert.
Sedona is always one of my favourite spiritual places to be. We ended up in Denver and drove through beautiful mountains and national forests. I had my fill of driving and I jumped on a plane and Beth continued her way home. She is a real trooper. She has driven 6-7  hours a day since Wednesday and is now in Tulsa, Oklahoma! She will pick me up in Phoenix next Tuesday. Lucky me, one day of travelling.
I can smell and feel the warm desert air already! 




We are in a s flurry of activity tying up things as we get Beth out the door for her drive trip to Tucson. 

I have a wardrobe in my room and I looked up to see two of my feline family snuggled together on their pride rock. What a lovely image!


Even the young ones...

Dominick Cronin-Santos

love Flirt jewellery! This little one is starting off with a great purple shirt, my favourite colour and an African Turquoise necklace.


Tucson Time!

Cactus Allan Gardens

We will be heading out of this freezy cold and into the glorious warmth of sunny Tucson in a little over a week.!

It is such a nice way to break up the winter and get creatively charged at the gem shows. I will be taking Kate McKinnon's 4 day blogging/photography/treasure hunting workshop.  My mind is on overload already thinking about how much I will learn. We enticed Kathi Jablonski a Toronto Bead Society member to join us. Carousing in the desert!

Sue Henry has spent the evening enjoying a home cooked meal and playing web guru. Watch out for a full two day Flirt Fling workshop being planned with 4 top designers right here at 117 Gerrard on May 7th and 8th. We will have a guest designer from the Czech Rebublic. It will be an exciting weekend of beginner to advanced jewellery design and technique classes.


Flirt 2010 Jewellery Open House


Well it seems I took an unexpected sabbatical from bloging. There was a sudden death in our family a few days before Christmas. Much scurrying around to provide support and make arrangements for a funeral.

Christmas was lovely. So sweet with young children in the family. Nya was thrilled with Elmo's Best song on the IPhone! Beth also played her Frosty the Snowman. All she could say was, "Wow, Beth!". Kaden in his one month old perfection slept quietly in my arms for hours. What a blessing! Mr. Simon growing up at one year is as tall as can be and full of inquisitiveness. It was a very special Christmas.

At the last minute we decided to hold a jewellery open house. We have done this each year and love having special friends, new customers and old into our home. We will definitely hold a 2011 open house. 


Did I mention my new friend?


I love my walks in the woods. It's amazing to to see the seasons change. The ponds and lakes are freezing over. I have chronic pain conditions that have limited my ability to  do what I would like to do like walk forever and get lost in the woods. I am pushing myself because I know that the exercise and beautiful fresh air is what I crave and makes me feel so much better. I love the quiet and lack of noise and stimulation.  It is my creative side that quietly becomes stimulated when I am in nature.


Private Teaching

Beth & Carol AnnBeth and Carol Ann laughing away during their private teaching session. Every time Carol Ann made something new she would say "Christmas!"  She will be making wonderfully designed hand forged wire findings to add to her amazing pieces this Christmas.


The Maid Of Honour


The girls dresses were simple and black. I designed a retro kind of feel, vintage Lucite and pearl bracelet.
They loved their bracelets and will get a lot of wear out of them.


Wedding Jewellery


Just thinking back to Jennifer Clinton's wedding. It was a joy to make the wedding party's jewellery.
Definitely one of my favourite things to do. I love how this delicate wire wrapped pearl bracelet turned out.



What am I Crazy?

The Barns Riverdale Farm
Ok so it is not December yet. But who would know?


Winter Flowers

  Yes, it's nice to see a flower on my almost winter walk, this first day of December. 

I went to Walking on a Cloud today. It has become my new favourite store. I got myself a pair of Ecco hiking boots. Apparently the Danes make serious boots. The treads are serious that's for sure. Soon I will get myself mucky and get down in some of the trails around the city. I can't wait to see dirt, smell dirt, be dirty!


Doom & Gloom


Before I even open my eyes to see what's going on my body tells me it's doom and gloom out there. I wonder what it would be like to not be so responsive to the weather? The pressure sets in my head and the migraine soon develops. I know I am not crazy because I read on face-book that so many migraine sufferers are in the same boat. I bought a light box from Costco. Will see if bumping up the daylight improves the situation.

I made a stash of lovely new earrings last night for the film set. Mostly sterling silver. A really nice set of long dangly gold ones. Wouldn't mind keeping those for myself. I've been in to gold lately.

The one on one teaching session with Carol Ann was terrific. Beth is a fine teacher. Carol kept saying "Christmas!", withgreat pleasure as she now knows how to make hew own findings for Christmas gifts. We were treated with a formal Chinese tea drinking experience. Pictures to follow.
I'm still sorting out how to make my images smaller as I shoot in super fine. So much to learn I must not get overwhelmed. 



One day....


we took a walk by Ashbridges Bay on Lake Ontario. I was born in July and have always been a water baby. Throw me in the pool, throw me in the ocean and I am happy.

This shot reminded me of one I took in Crete, Greece. Almost exactly. Cliffs and water. Yet it is just around the corner. One of the things I love about living in Toronto is the vastness and variation just outside our door step.


MacBook Air


So I selected the Air. Very impressive. I loaded my new images. So much to learn, so much to do, so little time. My little 11inch Air will sit comfortably  in a purse, knapsack, on a plane. I am in love.

I had a busy day. Fresh food at the market. A smelly green wreath for my door. .

Tommorrow we will attend a funerall in Coburg. 


Black Cat

These are my Black Cat earrings.
Suitable for Black Friday.
Also fitting for the lady who has 5 cats!.                                      


An odd day

 I picked this piece to show you as it was a fun playful really cool piece. Can't remember who bought it or where it went. It was full of aquamarine stones, handmade ceramics, big turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona and the lovely Atlantis Seashells from Unicorne. Really quite a costume piece.

I was camera shopping today when I got an email from my sister saying her father in law had passed. It was the end of his journey with cancer.
I know it's been hard for her and her family. We just had the birth of a baby and now the end of a life.

I am sorting out my work for my upcoming Holiday Craft Show in Meadowvale on December 4th. I would rather be making pretty new pieces or at least looking at pretty old ones!

Check out the Upcoming Events for how to get to the Meadowvale Show.


Sweet Masha

Masha was my tall gorgeous model. She is now studying photagraphy at the Ontario College of Art. She is also a very talented jewellery designer.


Soft and Flowing

  My pieces are often very structural with hard lines.  I like the flowy soft feminine feel to this necklace. It is one I made some time ago. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies.
I am trying to strike up the ambition to go for another walk today. It is getting colder. I am better for my walks in the morning as the sun is shining.
I however, had to spend a good chunk of my day organizing my flight to Tucson. I decided to take the indirect route and fly through Denver and Chicago. It is ridiculously cheap. This way I may have enough money to by me an iPad or a Macbook air or pro for my travels. Yes indeedy, Santa has been good to me already this Christmas.



Today is a glorious day in the city! Sun is shining and it is 14 degrees! Not bad for the end of November. I am finally over my 2 week obnoxious virus. I got a super duper immune booster from my naturopath. I'm not sure if it was that or just time but I am healed.

I took Beth out for a walk in the Riverdale Zoo and the Necropolis. We decided we needed to get ourselves ready for our desert hiking experience in January.

Yesterday I played with gorgeous gold wire, wrapped around agate briolettes and gold filled diamond ear wries. The result, stunning new earrings for my sister.

I love it when something comes out so delicate and gorgeous yet simple.

We will be organizing a wire order today. Wow we go through a lot of wire. I have my upcoming Christmas show to prepare for.

I have yummy smelling Moroccan lentils simmering on the stove. Then off to the market for my fill of healthy organic food! 



What an amazing evening! I was able to finally hold my new grand nephew. What a little treasure. I have had lots of experience with newborns and they seem to know that and are very contented in my arms. Lovely to see his big sister Nya again. I brought her Neon explosion markers. A big hit! She had never had markers in her young 19 months. Did I read the label that they were for 5+ years? Got to get their artistic juices flowing early.

So today we are off to a Queen Street which we fondly name Bead Street. We have some businessy things to do and some fun things to do.
Need to track down some winter boots.



Slowed Down

Well the darn aftermath of being crazily busy has slowed me down. I guess it wouldn't have happened otherwise. I have a cold and have stocked up on videos to watch, big supply of the softest Kleenex I could find and lots of ginger and lemon tea.

We had a fun evening at the West Toronto Beading Guild on Tuesday night. I made ceramic beads for the first time. Can't wait to see what they turned out like!

Last night was the Toronto Bead Society meeting. I camped out with a bed on the couch, cats curled up around me and a film, Bliss, beautifully set in Turkey. Beth headed off to the meeting.

I woke to an early morning email along with photos up beautiful Kaden, the newest addition to our family. I have fallen in love even before I have seen him. I am really not 100 percent sure what to do with little boys because we are such a family of girls but I am sure I will figure it out.
Angie was a trooper and delivered the little one at home. I am off to find him a little hat to keep his head warm! 


My mind

Yesterday I felt really out of balance. I had been feeling great for quite awhile and then I got hit with the migraine and post hang over dead head, general disatisfaction wih my life. I don't go there often and have ways of getting myself into a better head space. I picked up a CD by Pema Chodron, Budhist nun on How to Meditate. Bottom line, I felt more self acceptance and ability to cope with my physical challenges and realize that life really is all about an uneven terrain and this particular day was an uphill climb.

I got to the pool. I don't know why people don't just throw me in the pool when I am miserable. I am instantly finer and can imagine myself in the ocean. Today there was no one else in the pool except me! I am so grateful to have a hot pool just steps away from my home.

My mother claims to be feeling better after her fall. I was really scared for her at 70 that this would really knock her out.

Did you see Jane Fonda on Ophra? 72 and looking fantastic! I do beieve that we come in to our own as we age, if we do the work.




Well I am one of those true migraine sufferers. The barometer dropped substantially yesterday. I got up early, meditated, ate and went back to bed for 4 hours. It rained like a son of a bitch. It was strangely warm and not fall-like. I had a date with the supplier. So I had to run across town and luckily enough they like us so they stayed open late.

I picked up some great cones and clasps for Viking Knit with really neat add on hearts and keys.

I am disturbed by a call I got from my mother. She had a bad fall. Not good for a 70 year old. I feel very bad for her. I am off to the drug store to get her pain patches and ice packs. She lives in Cape Breton. Thank God for fast mail. 



Could it be any darker? I woke up early. It was black and raining. A perfect day for a migraine. I sat myself down to embrace the dark for prayer and meditation, a part of my daily ritual. I am preparing for a show so I needed to bag and price. Better than tag and toe. That's what I used to do in my nursing career. Each day I was faced with the potential of death or the undescriable job of placing a small child, an infant in a duffle bag and taking the little one down to the morgue. How do you tell a parent her child has just died. You cry, right along with her. Over the years I have faced my own loses of infertility, of not having a child. It takes many years to reconcile a life that you dreamed and longed for. Knowing that you will never hold your own child is a hard one to endure. The pain eases. Today I am grateful that I am alive. 

It is a sleepy day for the cats. Did I tell you I have 5 adoring cats? Pictures will come, I promise!

Thw "Wow" necklace I made for the lady was placed on her neck yesterday and she loved it! It went perfectly with her outfit. I love it when that happens. I wanted to make sure she would know how to open the clasp to get it off. She said, "don't worry if I can't, I'll just sleep with it until I see you again!"




Yesterday two new pieces were born! Beth is a great showcase for Flirt designs. So Beth had a piece on and a lady came up to her and said I want one exactly like it. Of course I never make one exactly the same. I create subtle diferences as I think each piece should have thier own uniqueness This piece is using Unicorne's Teardrop beads and the new large donut in black with a great Italian chain we got when we were in Germany. Very elegant.

The second piece is created from my heavy metal triangle clasp and a big aluminum chain. Very simple, clean lines, easy to wear.
Ok, I have to get the pictures up. 

What I love to do is design for clothing. My sister gave me a new top from Jones New York. Very Fall with deep yellow's, purple and rich blue's. I have been sitting with it for awhile. I think what it needs is multiple layers of chain in golds, bronze and rose gold. One chain with a cluster of deep dark agate beads. This chain can be removed when she wants to have the versatility of just wearing the chains to go with any of her tops.
I think jewellery needs to go along way these days. We need to get a lot of use out of one piece. Gone are the days when we could have a necklace for every outfit. I'm sure that's why I started making jewellery in the first place! I have to believe the economy will come back around and there will be enough money to buy all the jewllery we want and need!!! 

Just a heads up. We will be hosting our annual party on December 4th in the Party Room at 117 Gerrard. There will be a special pampering treat and lots of opportunity to get Christmas gifts for your special people. 



I was not succesful at installing photographs on my blog. This is something I will have to enlist help with. Did I say I am not a techy?
Far more of a intuitive hands on designer. I don't even read directions. I'm not sure if I can't or I can't be bothered. Takes too much time. I like instant results. That's why I like making big and bold pieces with clean lines. I like people to wear a piece of my work and get remarks like "wow", "love that piece" or "who is the artist"? Life is short, make a statement with your jewellery.  My plan is to make a piece, photograph it and get it up on the web. 
Goals- get the pics up, get a spell check. Can't stand spelling mistakes! =


This is it!

So I said I was gonna blog today and so I am gonna blog today! This is much preferable than steam cleaning my hardwod floors anyway.

Although I have had a great desire to blog, I have had much resistance. A lot of noise goes on in my head telling me I can't, I don't know how to, I'll tell people too much stuff about me, my spelling, words won't be right, no one will read it anyway, How will people know about me?

What are my reasons for blogging?  Well for one I think people truly like to know the artist they have purchased a piece of work from. It's not just that it's the thing to do these days. I believe it's something I want to do. Yearn to do. Another avenue of self expression. The day to day life of Laurie-Anne Clinton.