About Laurie-Anne Clinton

The creative force behind Flirt is Laurie-Anne Clinton - a gifted, self-taught, Toronto jewellery designer. 

Laurie-Anne is known for her bold and innovative jewellery designs. Her eye for colour is brilliant. Flirt pieces are hip, glamorous and fashionable. They have an ‘edgy’ feel, yet are also down to earth and consciously designed. Laurie-Anne’s imagination is endless. She has a compelling line of One-of-a- Kind jewellery pieces. Her pieces are all made by hand, with a strong focus on quality craftsmanship. She uses many coloured gem stones, sterling silver, gold, borosilicate glass beads, and beads collected from around the world.

Many pieces feature her trademark Flirt Clasp. “The clasp in itself is so beautiful many women will wear a necklace backward or off to the side to show case the clasp,” she notes

Clinton’s designs are well known among Toronto women who have purchased her work with great enthusiasm. The response to the varied lines has been exceptional. “Good jewellery is an investment and will continue to work with your wardrobe years down the line” Clinton says.

Laurie-Anne Clinton can be contacted by email, or at 416-990-5418